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Before you decide to buy a new or used car get all the information on the make and model you’re interested in. Read on to learn all about the Jaguar brand and the different car models they offer.

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Jaguar and supercar are not two words you'll usually find in the same sentence. Sure, Jaguars have great performance, but not exactly supercar-type stuff. Jaguar even had a supercar in the early 90's. Seriously! It was called the XJ220 and its name was derived from the car's mind-blowing 220mph top speed.

Jaguar XF-R Ashburn VA

After Jaguar released their new XF Supercharged, everyone assumed this was the next XF-R, just with a different name. After all, it uses the same engine as the last XF-R and no plans for an actual XF-R were known, until now.